Jobs for April

Spring is upon us! Time to get in the garden, enjoy the longer evenings and prepare for year ahead!

  • Start weeding your beds and add a good layer of mulch (such as Strulch – in stock now) – this helps to suppress weeds and improve nutrients in the soil.
  • Continue to deadhead winter pansies – this will encourage new flowers. When daffodils and Tulips finish they can be deadheaded but leave the foliage to die back naturally.
  • Tie in climbing and rambling roses.
  • Roses and Shrubs can be given a feed – we have a variety to choose from, including Q4 pellets by Vitax, After Plant by Empathy, Growmore by J. Arthur Bowers.
  • Feed citrus plants – we recommend Westland citrus plant food £3.99 – in stock now.
  • Continue planting new perenials and lift and divide existing ones- we have lots of lovely perenials in stock including Lobelia, Geraniums, Acanthus, Seedums and many more.
  • Evergreen shrubs can be moved – we have excellent Burgon and Ball tools to assist you with heavy digging!
  • Sow hardy annual and vegetable seeds – we have a large variety of Franchi seeds, trays and compost.
  • Check container plants for moisture levels.
  • Lawns can be patched up or new ones sown. We have seed and feed in stock and a large collection of topsoils and composts.

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