About Us

Eco is a much bigger word than green. It’s a low-impact lifestyle; supporting local suppliers; promoting talent and thoughtful creativity; selling enough of what we need, not more than we can sustain; quality not mass-produced quantity; beauty and imagination in things that are made to last; good advice going a long way (like how to help your soil work harder naturally, and saving money on unnecessary plant food), and being a positive force in the local community.

We’ve endeavoured to demonstrate this across all areas of the shop. We buy British grown plants, like our perennials from Sussex and our herbs from Surrey. We encourage taking part in the gentle spread of nature, like our Kabloom seedboms (throw one on a grass verge or a piece of wasteland near you, and watch the poppies grow and the bees arrive). We sell the work of independent local craftspeople, like those who make our greetings cards, recycled wood candlesticks, and beautiful felted wool notebooks. Our range of vintage home and garden ware completes the picturesque alternative to the big commercial garden centre.

But perhaps most important of all, we’ve become part of a community and rekindled the spirit of a house and garden that’s been empty since the 1960s. Alexandra Nurseries is located in the former caretaker’s office and maintenance workshop for the Alexandra Cottages, a small estate of 181 homes built between 1866 and 1868 by the Metropolitan Association for Improving the Dwellings of the Industrious Classes.

We’re very proud to be putting our business at the heart of the local community once again.